The Journey Through Atheism to Humanism, Ethical Culture, and Beyond

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Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop, PhD, Member, Washington Ethical Society

Among those in attendance at the Baltimore Ethical Society, some might reply when asked what their religion is either “none” or “atheism” or the reply might be either “humanism” or “Ethical Culture.” Bishop will consider the philosophical journey through atheism, then on to humanism, and to Ethical Culture. The journey Bishop will lead us on will also show what might happen beyond these points resulting in an even more mature philosophical and religious outlook, one which BES members may find themselves comfortable describing as Ethical Culture.

Peter Bishop received his PhD in Computer Science from MIT in 1977 and was one of the developers of object-oriented programming. During his successful 30-year software career, he played an active role in the humanist community. He now devotes his time to humanist philosophy and is Webmaster and Humanist Philosopher for the International Federation for Secular & Humanistic Judaism. He has authored the essay  “An Alternate View on the Relationship Between Science and Religion,” a Sunday school course on the philosophy of humanism, and – with other Sunday school parents – a humanist songbook.

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