Is It Right For You?

Ten Reasons Ethical Culture Might Be Right For You

If you’re not practicing your religion…
maybe you’re practicing ours.

    1. We affirm the worth, dignity, and uniqueness of every human being.
    2. Reason, compassion, and responsibility are central to our community.
    3. We strive to protect the earth on which we are all dependent.
    4. We celebrate life’s joys and support each other through life’s crises.
    5. We work together to improve our world and the world of our children.
    6. We help our children internalize their own code of ethics and rely on it when they face difficult choices.
    7. Our religion concentrates on this life, rather than on some afterlife.
    8. Our relationships with other human beings are more important than agreeing on the existence of a supreme being.
    9. Deed is more important than creed.
    10. We believe life is most meaningful when it is lived ethically.
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