“Strengthening Our Nation of Immigrants”

Ever since Europe occupied Native American land, the United States has been a nation of immigrants. An immigrant himself, Felix Adler, the founder of Ethical Culture, knew that embracing diversity was important to our country. How do we transform recent anti-immigrant hysteria into more productive and welcoming attitudes and policies? Dr. Javad Mohsenian, an immigrant, author and psychiatrist will explore the process of immigrant adoption, adjustment, and contribution to American society, cultural and religious conflicts, as well as the role of the 1979 Iran’s revolution in immigration from that country. Dr. Mohsenian will have copies for sale and signing of his sixth book, Gold for Sugar, a collection of short stories covering East and West.

Dr. Mohsenian is an Iranian-American psychiatrist who lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. He began his writing career in high school. Inspired by the living conditions of the farmers in his homeland, he wrote Wave in the Wheat Fields, but no publisher was interested in a novel written by a teenager.

While preparing for Iran’s prestigious and highly competitive medical school entrance examinations, he studied every previous test he could find. When he passed the exam, he used the materials he collected to assemble what was to become a best selling, comprehensive compilation. A Guide to College Entrance Exams published by Elmi Publishing Company was the young author’s asking price for the publication of his first novel.

His second novel Today is also Late depicting the struggle of youth against the old traditions, written during his second year of medical school was formally published. Persian Moonlight, published by Moore Publishing was his first novel in English, 9/11 Children his first children’s book.

Gold for Sugar is a collection of stories about life, love, religion, prejudice, and exploitation. It’s a mankind drama influenced by events the author has witnessed during his travels at home and abroad. Gold for Sugar explores human struggle for independence in the face of all kinds of intrusions.

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