New Prekindergarten Sunday School Program Launch

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New Prekindergarten ProgramA new prekindergarten Sunday school program for children three to five years old will launch on March 1. This new curriculum will focus on a different value every month. The values represent those taught and practiced by adults and older children in ethical humanism and societies.
Knowing that planning is key to making this new program work, the Ethical Education committee has been meeting monthly and more. An important result has been fourteen original creative, comprehensive lesson plans that incorporate ethical values, stories, and learning activities (games, art, crafts, movement, songs, videos, plays, etc.).

In teaching values, the BES curriculum for three to five year olds promises to aid these very young people in developing socially, cognitively, and emotionally. Children in this age group are eager to learn new skills, and they do so through diverse activities that incorporate their need to compare and contrast themselves with others; their desire to explore; and their ability to begin taking initiative.
Helping and responsibility will be the focus of March. Learning by using senses, mind, and feelings is the April focus. May’s lessons will emphasize sharing and cooperation.

Grounded in ethical humanism, BES’s pre-k program is guided by the developmental philosophy of Jean Piaget, the social psychology and humanistic psychology of Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow, and the psychosocial development stages elaborated on by Erick Erikson. Central to the heart of this new prekindergarten curriculum are lessons that support the twelve core values articulated by the American Ethical Union.
Behind this program also is the committee’s devoted chair, Argentine Craig, a grandmother, academic, and long-time ethical society member. At the September 2014 memorial honoring the life and work of Helena Wright, Baltimore educator and respected BES teacher, Argentine publicly vowed to develop an educational program that would honor the legacy and professionalism of Wright. In that commitment, she is joined by a committee composed of parents and members Ben Busby, Brian Dorsey, Karen Helms, Susan Henley, Monique Stins; past president and educator Rosemary Klein; and current president Emil Volcheck.

In addition to its new preschool program, the Ethical Society will continue to provide toddler care service on Sundays.

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