Sunday Platform
August 12, 2018

“Improv at the BES”

A year ago, we started our improvisational theater group on a drop-in basis, open to people having any level of improv experience.

Sunday Platform
August 5, 2018

“The Ethical Roots of Yoga”

The most common misconception about yoga is that it puts the body in strange positions for the purpose of developing flexibility.

Sunday Platform
July 29, 2018

“Multi-Dimensional Creativity”

Artist Therese Spadaro and poet Karen Elliott team up to get you playing in 3 dimensions.  

Sunday Platform
July 22, 2018

“Working with People Living with HIV in West Baltimore”

Mary Beth Sodus RD/LD, will share her experiences working with people living with HIV in West Baltimore, white privilege, and what she has learned in her first year of patient care as a Registered Dietitian.

Sunday Platform
July 15, 2018

“We The People”

BES member Stuart Hirsch will explain what he perceives the role and limits of government power as envisioned by the constitution and federalist papers.

Sunday Platform
July 8, 2018

“Metta, Meditation on Boundless Goodwill”

The teaching, the experience, and what cognitive science is learning about the practice.

Sunday Platform
July 1, 2018

“AEU 103rd Assembly Report”

BES members will report on this year’s AEU Assembly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The theme this year was Seeds for the Future: Environmental Justice and Ethical Culture.

June 28, 2018

Ignite Baltimore #20

At every Ignite Baltimore, 16 artists, technologists, thinkers and personalities get 5 minutes and 20 slides to spark new conversations and collaborations across cultures and disciplines.

Sunday Platform
June 24, 2018

“An Interactive Presentation on Homelessness”

Bonnie “Raven” Lane will present an interactive presentation on homelessness.

Sunday Platform
June 17, 2018

“The Ethical Implications of Thinking Inside of Boxes”

Psychological essentialism is a well-documented cognitive tendency or mental shortcut that underlies racism, sexism, and political tribalism.

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