“Ending the War on International Law”

Will the world our children and grandchildren inherit be better off if nations agree to and live by a clear set of rules?  The United States helped to found the United Nations and drafted the Declaration of Human Rights.  However, today some conservative lawmakers are winning a war on international law.  When it comes to human rights, arms control and climate change, the U.S. Senate has not agreed to a major multilateral treaty since 1997.  Don Kraus will report on efforts to increase U.S. support for international law, including the new 2014 Congressional Report Card published by the Global Solutions Action Network.

GlobalSolutions.org is a groundbreaking online movement for Americans who want the United States to take a responsible and cooperative role in the world.  We are confronted with threats to world peace and stability on a daily basis; costly wars, mass atrocities, destructive climate change, dehumanizing globalization and the spread of nuclear weapons.  International law provides a mechanism to address these threats.

Don Kraus is the President and Chief Executive Officer of GlobalSolutions.org and its political arm, the Global Solutions Action Network. Don previously served as Global Solutions’ Executive Vice-President where he directed its Government Relations Department and Political Action Committee. Prior to that, he served as the Executive Director of the Campaign for United Nations Reform and its affiliated political action committee, CUNR PAC. An expert in building U.S. political support for the U.N. and other international institutions, Don brings his considerable enthusiasm and drive to advocating for responsible global policies.

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