Being Good – The virtue of character

Free and open to the public!

Join Hugh Taft-Morales for the first of four fun explorations of different ethical paradigms from the Western tradition. There is no required reading, but those attending are encouraged to explore some of the discussion topics prior to each meeting. While you can attend single classes, it is recommended that you commit to the entire series since references will be made to earlier classes and discussions.

This first session will focus mainly on Aristotle and his concept of “the golden mean,” that mid-point one learns to reach between excess and deficiency of certain human characteristics. We will explore the concept of “goals” or “purposes” in life that come from our natureas human beings. Fulfilling that nature is, according to Aristotle, a well-lived life, one that will achieve happiness and flourishing, otherwise known as “eudaimonia.” We will also touch on a modern representative of virtue ethics, philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre.

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